Prayer Corner Page

Please remember our sick, their families, caregivers and our Loved Ones In Service Presently On Active Duty Serving Our Country, in your prayers. 
May God’s healing presence and protection be with them
We prayer for all those listed in our weekly bulletin.
In a special way, please also pray for the following:

John and Cate

This is John Brennan and his sister Cate. John is the young man from BC High for whom we have been praying. John with his mom Caroline would like to offer a prayer for us as we struggle together with all of the burdens we face! Click on the link to pray along with John and Caroline. Let us pray.....Click here..Prayer of St. Francis

Thank You Message from John....Click here

John hiked to the top of Big Blue with some friends from BC High.

John Celebrates his 14th birthday.

Click here for a letter penned by John and his family in grateful response to the parishioners  of St. John's willingness to pray for him and to remain committed to his healing.


home 1 year


12/26/2020 Thank you and Holiday Wishes from John Brennan ....Click here

2/18/2021 Home 1 year!  Please God the hardest year is behind us.

John off to camp

July 2021: John off to Scout camp! John continues to heal.  


October 2023: Happy Birthday to our prayer partner John Brennan. John suffered a brain aneurism at the age of 13 and with
your prayers, his strong will and the support of family has just celebrated his 18th birthday.


This is young Mary Clark. She is recovering from surgery. Please keep Mary in your prayers.

MacKinnon and Jacqueline

This young couple, MacKinnon and Jacqueline Bowen, were recently married. Sadly, MacKinnon was just diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. Please keep MacKinnon in your prayers.

Photo not availiable

Please keep Sarah Wilkins in your prayers.

Photo not availiable
Please keep Christina Sicari  in your prayers.
She is in her 20's battling another bout of cancer.

US FlagLoved Ones In Service Presently On Active Duty Serving Our Country

  • HN Kevin Lee (S. Navy)
  • Airman First Class Alexander Clark  (S. Air Force)
  • Captain Joseph Megnia (S. Air Force)
  • Lance Corporal Robert Rudolph (S. Marines Reserves)
  • Staff Sergeant Riley Higgins (U. S. Army)
  • Cpl Alexander J. Casey (U.S. Marines)

Our prayers go out to all men and women who are serving our country may God protect them.