Parish Council

Mission of the Parish Council:  The mission of the Parish Council is to advise and consult with the Pastor. The Council underscores the profound importance of the role of the laity in the life of their parish. The parish council should:
 Respond to the needs, ideas and hopes of the faith community
 Encourage and support existing ministries
 Address specific ways to keep the parish mission alive

Members of the Parish Council (listed by first name). Click on a member to read their Bio:

Fr. Joe MacCarthy (Pastor)
Andre Cazeau
Benjamin Hansberry
Edocy Aldeus
Leslie S. Oliver
Marie Baird
Norbert DeAmato
Sarah Iker Hansberry


to contact the parish council, send email to:  [email protected] 


Parish Council Meeting March 10,2020 7:00 PM-8:30 PM

1.       Opening Prayer

2.       Greeting, Gathering of Information

a.  List of members (see above)

b. Volunteer Secretary – Samantha

Note: additional context: the Parish Council will meet quarterly and shall be made up of a range of parishioners (range in age, experience, history within parish, Haitian   / English speaking)

The parish council is something that every parish should have, St. John’s has not had one in a long time (30ish years?). Part of the parish merging as a collaborative required for the parish councils to meet together.

3.       Order of Business

a.       Impending Archdiocesan audit

  •       Fr. Joe had a meeting with Diocesan auditor on March 10 to set audit process in motion, official review of documents in begins on March 23
  •       Collaborative will officially happen in June 2022.
  •       Got some basic feedback that does not really align with St. John’s situation (ex. Asked if we have a safe in the rectory that is bolted down- we have a different model of safe that is connected to ceiling- still secure, just different than when the auditor asks
  •       Fr. Joe is in a similar position as priests throughout the Diocese without a business manager or Finance Committee member to come by to approve / sign reimbursement checks. Fr. Joe maintains all receipts / invoices / to align with Parish check book. Office staff review / confirm when Fr. Joe signs reimbursement checks- no other option. All in all, Fr. Joe is not terribly concerned, considers us in good standing). 
  •       The parish’s finances have made a giant leap of improvement in the last year and a half- parish was financial underwater. Parish is now financially viable, getting stronger as Fr. Joe works with finance committee to make more tweaks. Last year the parish saved in $30K+ because we did not pay out priests to cover any masses we did not need to- Fr. Joe covered them himself.
  •       Haitian community has significantly increased weekly contributions in the last year, English speaking community is increasing but needs continued investment. Fr. Joe continues to makes announcements on the altar reminding people to sign up for EFT, is exploring Venmo as an additional option.     

4.       Upcoming Schedule of Parish events

a.       Lenten schedule- Performance on 3/22, stations every Friday

b.      Triduum Schedule – Service will be at 7pm every evening, possibly combining with Haitian community given how late their services would be otherwise.

c.       Ministry Sunday – March 22- Goal to have all ministries represented at tables for people to sign up for ministries or at least be invited to learn more.

d.      Catholic Appeal – Doing well, we’re about 26% of the way there, we’re on par we’re on track.  

                              i.      Catholic Appeal overview:

                            ii.      Catholic appeal general website:

                           iii.      Goal to have the community reminded that they need to use the St John’s envelopes for St John’s to get the credit.

5.       Schedule of Next Meeting

a.       Tuesday, June 23, 7pm, Parish Hall * Finance committee will attend and go over audit findings.

6.       Closing prayer