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Our next gardening gathering will be Saturday November 14th at 2pm before the evening service. (All ages are welcome). Please note the earlier start time so we can take advantage of the daylight If this is your first gardening gathering, Father Joe has asked for some help with the weeding around the church grounds. Many hands make light work We split up the grounds between the people in attendance so we can maintain social distance and are done in no time! Then everyone is welcome to sit/stand at 8 feet apart and enjoy a BYO beverage afterwards in the parking lot to admire our handiwork. Please remember to wear a mask and practice physical distancing. Please bring your own work gloves, these will not be provided for safety reasons. Please bring tools as well if you have them. The church has some equipment but not much, so even if you don't have anything, still feel free to come by. Hope to see you there Tess & Adam 
The St. John's Young Adult Group is made up of a diverse group of individuals ranging from university students to young professionals and parents.  It meets throughout the year for events that are spiritual, social, and service-oriented.
Currently it is being run by Adam and Tess who are a young couple working in the Boston Metropolitan Area. This past year, the Young Adult Group has come together for a church Thanksgiving celebration, game nights, trivia nights at the local pub, Netflix watching parties and much more! The group has also organized clean ups at the local parks, singing at senior living centers, and provides able-bodied young individuals when needed for church events!
In light of the current situation, the St. John's Young Adult Group are looking for ways to support our local community. If you have difficulty leaving your home at the moment because of kids, poor health, or other restrictions, please email [email protected] and we can pair you with one of our member volunteers who can help you get groceries and run other errands. 

For Young Adult Group members looking to take a break from self-isolation and enjoy socially distanced fun, we are planning a video-conferenced Netflix party. Email [email protected] for more details and let us know which movie or show you would be interested in watching.

Lastly, during this period, we are gathering every Sunday morning at 9:30am over Zoom to go through the readings for the day and pray together. We normally end with some discussion on how everyone is coping. For more information, email [email protected]

To find out more, please email [email protected]!
**We've been contacted by fellow parishioner, David, about a service opportunity. For many years, I've been helping with the food pantry at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Harvard Square, where about 60 families get groceries every Saturday morning. We could use help picking up left-over bread (usually about 100 pieces that would otherwise be trashed) from the Whole Foods near Alewife on Friday evening (before 9 pm closing time) and then delivering it to St. Paul's basement on Saturday morning before 9:30 am. We have several volunteers already doing this (and Whole Foods has been very helpful) but we could use one more (ideally two people together) every month, the next time would be July 17-18. If anyone is interested, or wants to know more, please reply by email, [email protected],  or call me at 617-710-5547. Thanks for your consideration, and for all you're doing!

David Sullivan"

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