Pastor's Corner

The Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time W/E 08/20-08/21/2022

The selection chosen for today's first reading is taken from the prophet Isaiah who describes the Lord as gathering the nations and people of every language so that everyone might come to know His Name and proclaim His greatness everywhere. It is a fitting proclamation, especially given the tendency of both the public square and the Church to be divided along "party" lines. The will of God is to have peace overcome hatred and the weighty burdens of power. It is clear that that is not yet the will of people divided by geographic and ideological lines. It is clear as well that that it is the will of God in Jesus Christ to promote those ways of meeting Christ both in the sacraments and in and through the Church is to offer a free path to such, unencumbered the burdens of ideological demands and institutional hierarchy. The sacraments, and the Eucharist in particular, is not to be used as a weapon of exclusion but rather a path of inclusion and communion with Christ and neighbor.

      The gospel, proclaimed from Luke, reminds the listener that all people are called to come from east and west and north and south to recline at the table of the Kingdom of God, and especially those who humbly see the face of God in the lives of their neighbors and respond accordingly. The emphasis on humility reemphasized in the last line of the gospel, some are last who will be first and some are first who will be last. Please note that Luke's gospel is framed around Jesus' journey to Jerusalem ("making His way to Jerusalem") which will be the site of His humble gift of His own life on the Cross. Such humility must never be dismissed or forgotten when institutional demands are being enforced.

      The doors of the bulkheads at the front of the church are being repaired at a cost of over $17,000 and the organ is being repaired over time and with much expense. Please keep these expenses in mind when giving generously to the work of the parish. We continue to interview to fill the position of Music Director and are very thankful for those who are willing to fill in.

Thanks and have a great week!

God Bless,

       Fr. Joe