compliance guideline details

compliance guideline details for Mass

  1. There will be Mass scheduled for Saturdays at 4:00p.m. and for Sundays at 9:00a.m. and 11:00a.m. There will be, for the foreseeable future, no 6:30a.m. Mass. Logistics do not allow for such at this time.
  2. Each Mass will be limited to between 80 and 100 people and the numbers will be regulated by ushering teams inviting those who enter to sit in specific seats with proper social distancing. Each entrant will wear a mask and gloves. Family members may sit together.
  3. The Mass Ave doors and the parking lot side doors will be the only ones open for the process and those entries will be guided by proper social distancing. Those using the elevator are asked to use such one person at a time.
  4. The front pews will be reserved for those with specific needs.
  5. Each pew will be distinctly marked with tape to show the area for seating. The side pews will hold one person each with an empty pew between each entrant. Families are an exception. The middle pews will hold two people each with an empty pew between every two entrants.
  6. The floors will be marked with directive markings indicating one direction for Communion. The flow of the Communion line will maintain six feet of separation up to the altar.
  7. The “amen” spoken at reception will be replaced by a collective “amen” prayed prior to coming to Communion.
  8. There will be a non-verbal no contact sign of peace.
  9. Reception of Communion will be under one species offered in the hand with no availability of the cup.
  10. There will be no missalettes or bulletins in the pews. A worship aid will be available and must be taken with you when you depart. Departure will proceed civilly with maintenance of proper social distance. Please, if possible, leave coats and other extras in your car.
  11. The Collection will be taken up in baskets available for deposit either before or after the Mass. No baskets will be passed.
  12. Those who sense they are not ready to return must know that you should stay home and watch Mass on Catholic TV.
  13. Gloves and masks and hand sanitizer will be available at church but you are strongly encouraged to bring your own and to leave with them.